RevRacer combines challenging eye-hand coordination with exciting multiplayer action and stylish vehicle choices. Enter in your player names, choose your revracer, and hit up the track for some fast-action revving. In addition to beating your friends, put a little rubber on the road in single player mode to hone your skills!
Players play on the same device and must race their revracers from one side of the screen to the other using the lighted, randomly activating Rev buttons on their side of the track. Hitting the wrong button sends the revracer all the way back to the starting line!
RevRacer entertains all ages with varying levels of difficulty to select from. Will you be the fastest RevRacer, or will your friends leave you far behind? The challenge is on!
Choose between four different racers:
– Classic Orange Car
– Powerful Blue Truck
– Pixelated Green Retro
– Stylish Pink Dragster
Challenge yourself with five Advanced Mode difficulty levels:
– Beginner
– Intermediate
– Pro
– Pride Buster
– White Blizzard